The Corinthian Olive Oil Company is a family owned and operated company that
creates its exclusive Agros Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the quiet semi-mountainous
region of southern Greece. Agros, which means fertile ground in Greek, derives
its extra virgin olive oil exclusively from the Manaki olive. This exquisite olive is
chosen because of its superior taste, strong aroma, and thick body.

The olives chosen for Agros are harvested only by select farmers, not a large
agricultural union. These farmers are located near Ancient Corinth, from the village
of Klenia.  Klenia is an excellent host for the olive groves
because of its fertile soil and the micro climate present due to its location between
the Saronic gulf and the pine forest of Chiliomodi. Our specially selected farmers are
also chosen because of their exclusively traditional methods of harvesting. Traditional
methods include never spraying pesticides, only hand picking the olives, and pressing
the olives on the day of the harvest, which ensures that the oil’s acidity is always less
than 0.4%. Once the oil is pressed, it is bottled within two months to ensure its
freshness and preserve Agros’ superior taste, color, and body.

Agros Extra Virgin Olive Oil, brought naturally from the land of the gods to you.
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